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Chest out, head high: the COR ways of sitting | News | Architonic

Body language is no small matter. It says a lot about us – especially when we are sitting. ‘Whether couch, lawn or armchair, every seating accommodation allows a range of different postures – and these reveal a great deal about our deeper mindset,’ explains psychologist Prof. Dr. Alfred Gebert. For the furniture producer Cor, based in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Westphalia, Germany, he has analysed a number of sitting types which reflect both momentary emotional states as well as deep-seated character traits. The ‘pseudo casual’ category demonstrates the importance of nuance. People who are intent on making a casual impression often do just the opposite. ‘Your counterpart quickly senses that you want to appear easy-going but actually aren’t,’ Gebert says. ‘This is especially obvious when a person stands with their legs so close together that their knees touch – which can come across as uptight.’ Yet, he elaborates, this interpretation doesn’t fit every context. ‘It may be that that’s just how y… continue

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