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Going the extra mile: Wonderwall Studios

To create joyous panelling from salvaged woods that enriches surfaces and enhances your interior. We strive for the highest quality to produce panelling that will last a lifetime.

We scour the land for woods that can be salvaged and upcycled, giving discarded timber a second lease on life. Typically, we’ll turn a weathered girder into a striking collection of unique wall tiles. It’s a reincarnation of sorts.

We love wood and working with craftspeople. We love salvaging woods, breathing new life into something old, worn and weathered. We love exploration and travel. We love design and having fun with like-minded souls. That’s why we do what we do the way we do it.

We always walk that extra mile to find our exclusive woods. New materials have never ceased to inspire us deeply and fire our love for the salvaged woods we use.

That search for the best, those extra miles travelled have now taken us deep into the mires and bogs of Eastern Europe. And the reward has made our journey and exploration more than worthwhile: Wonderwall Studios brings the past back to life with new types of handcrafted cladding from beautifully preserved, centuries-old Bog Oak.

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