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In good company: Interstuhl

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The firm’s strategy for success rests on two pillars: Interstuhl itself, with its focus on the office environment; and Bimos, which concentrates on industry and labour. The two brands thus have different, clearly defined target groups and fields of activity. Whereas Interstuhl connects locations and activities of all kinds with the right respective seating, Bimos specialises in unique, high-performance furniture solutions for workplace needs ranging from sitting to standing. Interstuhl sees itself as a bridge builder, creating attractive settings with appealing aesthetics for meetings, communication and reception and waiting areas, as well as for single-user and team workstations. Along with optimum seating comfort, the wide-ranging options for personalisation also play a key role. Bimos, on the other hand, conceives of the chair as a link between the human being and factory production: custom-made with professional know-how, coupled with competent consulting.

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