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More in store: Dieffebi

As companies grow, people grow, and the office landscape, as Dieffebi proves, can – and should – grow with them. “Making the most of individuals, creating networks, optimising processes” is how Marketing Director Alessandra Fardin describes the company’s real stock-in-trade. “If the work changes, the office environment adapts. We provide ergonomic solutions able to create an environment that is favourable to collaboration and sharing resources for a better quality of work and life. We centre on the person.”

The company may have a presence in 50 countries, with 400 sales outlets worldwide, but there’s only one Dieffebi factory, where quality is strictly controlled from start to finish. Indisputably Italian-made, over 100,000 drawer units are manufactured a year at the San Vendemiano production site, which lies about 50 kilometres outside Venice, in a region renowned for its industrial dynamism.

The quality of the products is mirrored by the quality of Dieffebi’s management systems, as testified to by its ISO 9001 certification. A further ISO 14001 certificate underscores the company’s environmental-management credentials, which are earned via its designs, its choice of materials and its approach to packaging.

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