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pavilions that push the boundaries

Pavilions are small structures not to be confused with their more whimsical counterpart, follies. While performing a basic function, they afford designers the freedom to experiment with spatial sequences, materials and ideas. Architects have always been happy to try their hand at these small buildings, developing concepts they can apply in their other projects, and often showcasing their approach to a wider audience.

One such experimental structure is the Pine Park Pavilion in Lishui, China. Designed by DnA Design and Architecture, this linear building sits on the bank of the Songyin River. Made from prefabricated timber elements, the Pine Park Pavilion accommodates toilets and a visitor centre, and features an installation about traditional resin production in the region. Large panes of glass offer panoramic views of the surrounding pine trees and countryside, while the pavilion’s position on a tourist path serves both cyclists and hikers visiting the region.

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