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The elegant lightness of large formats: OPTIMA

The wealth of colours and shapes: TUCSON OPTIMA

Its authentically natural expressive power makes TUCSON OPTIMA a wall and floor covering that gives off a great deal of warmth. The large-format tiles made of vilbostone porcelain stoneware present themselves in intense hues and textures, with much of the fascination found in nature. The result is an interior that gives bathrooms, living and business spaces a rustic charm while at the same time interpreting them in generous ways.

All the designs are available in four colours in warm beige-brown and cooler white-grey tones, offering a suitable OPTIMA tile for every taste and style, be it restrained urban, naturally modern, or classically elegant. The size of the OPTIMA tiles makes them not only visually impressive but also very easy to take care of. There are very few joints, and the high-quality porcelain stoneware is sealed in the factory with easy-to-clean vilbostoneplus.

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