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The Skin Trade: Cleaf

Yet, given the critical role that surfaces play in defining interior space, making it legible, lending it identity, imbuing it with emotion, it’s perhaps no surprise. As Roberto puts it: “Every room and every piece of furniture emits continuous signals that consciously or unconsciously affect the user’s perceptions and performance. Surfaces are an important element of this perceptive process and they have the ability to offer completely different sensations leaving the shape unchanged.”

Based north of Milan in Brianza, an area that lays claim to having the world’s highest concentration of furniture manufacturers, Cleaf leverages its network of customers, architects and suppliers to, excuse the metaphor, get beneath the surface – to achieve a deep and continuous dialogue with the market in terms of its needs. Not only in terms of design, but also of potential new applications. “It’s a kind of teamwork,” says Roberto, “that leads to the building of inspirational spaces for living and working. Now and in the future. Last month, we were invited by the Politecnico di Milano to give a lecture to the interior designers of tomorrow about the potentiality of our surfaces.”

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