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Turn on the lights, turn down the noise: Artemide | News | Architonic

Everywhere people are tinkering with the offices of the future, trying to adapt them to a working culture which is undergoing radical change. The fact that traditional structures are being broken down is reflected in open, modern spaces. Open-plan offices and creative co-working spaces are intended to create an ambience that promotes communication and acts as a breeding ground for creativity and inspiration. Unfortunately, reality all too often shows that the resulting high noise levels make concentrated work difficult and even cause stress. The most diverse approaches to solving this dilemma have been devised, including privacy panels or acoustic dividing walls and curtains. But what if people wish to stay within sight of one another and retain the openness of the room? And what if beautiful industrial architecture must not be destroyed by acoustic ceilings? With The Acoustic Light, its newly developed lighting series, the Italian manufacturer Artemide offers solutions that are convin… continue

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