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Welcome to our world: Jess Design

Different – because of our unique manufacturing process. Seductive – because of our authentic and distinctive materials and idiosyncratic shapes. Pure – because of our level-headed Dutch nature. Welcome to the intriguing world of Jess Design. Immerse yourself in the informal ambience our furniture creates and discover how a whole range of striking individual pieces come together to form one big family.

It was a sense of aesthetics, pure perseverance and sheer guts that enabled us to take Jess Design to the next level. True passion is what drives us. We can fall back on 20 years of experience, but always have our sights set firmly on the future. Our designer furniture accentuates the individuality of your interior – an interior so carefully selected by you. Natural materials, comfortable shapes and seductive colours form the basis for our stylish range, the strength of which lies in its simplicity. I invite you to go on a voyage of discovery – feel, experience and enjoy Jess Design!

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