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Work it: Orgatec 2018

Experimenting and demonstrating

As a special highlight, Orgatec 2018 presents the Format Plant 10.1, which calls for the relinquishing of conventional ideas about forms of working as it presents very different, stimulating visions. “Activity-based working” is the chief topic here. No fewer than seven experience scenarios – Co-working, Presentation Space, Creative Space, Living Room, Mini-home, Playground and High Seat – take up topics that make new, imaginative approaches to work and living space experienceable in spectacular, emotional and sometimes provocative ways. This world unto itself in Hall 10.1 was created in collaboration with the artist group Freeters & Friends, the communications agency Orange Council and the consultancy detecon. Its focus lies in the ultimate dissolution of rigid structures in favour of flexible ones, and in positively influencing the working environment, its design and thereby also the workflow.

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